The New Normal – Our remodelled home

For years now, 5 to be precise, my over 1000 books have screamed to me to be released. I was helpless had no home for them. I chose to ignore. But time came and I couldn’t bear the separation.

Luckily for me my husband shares this craze and drove with a great force the reorganising of our living room, to house our enormous collection (joint and individual) , collected over the last 10 years.

Here are some photographs. The ladders – have been made from scratch. The blue bookcase has been bought out.

We gave away tonnes of books to make sure our books fit this “limited” space we have created. I took my last set of pregnancy related books to give to my yoga instructor so she can loan to 1000 odd pregnant women she helps every year.

At last I can feel relaxed. Sat on my rocking chair and read for half an hour, uninterrupted. It felt like a privilege I am experiencing after a long time.

I read Zizek – for half hour. And after ages could actually fathom what I was reading. I sat on our rocking chair, had a coffee and not a soul around. I experienced peace like I had not done in a long time. All the time while I was reading, like a child who has received a new toy, I kept pinching myself to know it was true. How I missed reading. How much I missed holding a book in my hand – browsing through tonnes of books and settling down to read one.

Also by the time I finished this post my younger one had 101.2 deg fever and I had to stop half way and finish up later. Life moves on yes – but sometimes when you lock up parts of you somewhere it becomes very difficult to fully experience and enjoy whats around you.

My home library is back – so am I.

p.s. After all this bliss feeling for a few seconds I had two sleepless days as my son was down with a viral attack.

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