Tolerance intolerance – potato potato

I have visited my blog after so long that I had forgotten the look and feel of it. (I was pleasantly surprised to see such a lovely green – it was refreshing.) Being a mom and having your own law firm leaves you very little time to do much else.

I have always always written without structure or structuring my arguments or my thoughts and believe strongly that – my mind will etch the design. Sometimes what comes out is great – sometimes not so much — eh.

I have been forced to come back because this tolerance intolerance debate is killing me. The entire senselessness of it upsets me. The fact that educated people believe Aamir should have been careful or that educated people feel Aamir should be less vocal. I say educated because I am referring to people around me.

This morning I was going through FB (on my pot – because that’s the only time I literally get for checking out what is happening in other people’s lives). I was actually surprised to learn that more than half of my friends and family “are intolerant”. FB is filled with pro-modi and anti-modi jokes, hate speeches against politicians and what not.

It occurred to me that some of them were so close to me and my family that I probably should be worried about exposing my daughter to them – what if she picks up the wrong values.

Bringing up a child has become ever so much more complicated today. Social media has given a voice to all – which is great – but are these voices drowning common sense, sensibility, responsibility, love and espousing hatred, intolerance and creating factions based out of non-issues.

I think the answer is to simply move on. Focus on your work, your child and your life. This social integration is making me feel more lonely that ever before. Wherever I turn I find someone who I don’t agree with.

This makes one understand the true meaning of tolerance. Love your friends and family no matter their views – however strong and repugnant they (their views) may be. Remove your relationship from the purviews of their views on non-subjects. Tolerance …

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