Yellow Chilli – An indicator of the state of your liver after dining there

The title of this blog clearly describes the experience of dining at Yellow Chilli, Hirandanani, Powai. I would however like to expand on the title and write an essay on why one should never eat there – ever.

Food – The presentation and quality of food were both abysmal. It was a buffet with no room to walk around the display and serve oneself. The waiters would brush against you while crossing you owing to the lack of space. The starters, a vegetarian seekh kabab and some paneer tikka were both atrocious. The seekh kabab had definitely been made the previous day. The spread consisted of 3 – 4 vegetarian dishes and 2-3 non-vegetarian dishes. Its not that I have forgotten what the spread looked like, but the waiters had no clue whether a particular dish (a Fanash something) was vegetarian or non-vegetarian. That was the sad state of affairs. The ragda pattice was served cold by a chef who looked bored to death. I wish I had taken pictures. The soup was made of curd, clearly of curd which had gone bad the previous day and was heated and mixed with haldi (turmeric) and thankfully served hot. The vegetarian pulav consisted of half cooked rice with sweet corn and nothing else. It felt like someone had forgotten to shop for vegetables. The dal (yellow lentils) were thankfully not badly done but lacked any discerning taste whatsoever. Overall, the worst eating experience of my life.

Ambiance – The place looked almost run down. Paint was peeling from the walls, and cutlery and napkins came out of a cupboard that definitely had been bought at a flea market. The seating was particularly uncomfortable and there was no walking space between 2 tables.

Staff – The staff, though courteous was untrained, and very poorly dressed. The uniforms had not been washed for a week and some of them were torn. One had no buttons at the cuff and had one arm folded while the other fell loosely at the wrist. The staff had no clue as to whether a particular dish was vegetarian or not.

Cost – A meal for three cost approximately INR 1300 (each buffet lunch costs INR 461 including taxes). Not worth even a single penny spent there.

Why did I go there in the first place? It was supposed to be a place which had the blessings of Sanjeev Kapoor, India’s first star chef. But it was very disappointing. I would discourage one and all from visiting this restaurant or any other that bears this name.

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