Remember Shakti – An unforgettable night!

It was a long drive to the Amphitheatre at Kharghar (Mumbai) for the Remember Shakti concert. We also had to wait in a long queue to get into the Amphitheatre and be seated for the concert.

John McLaughlin, Mandolin Shrinivas, Selva Ganesh and Zakir Hussain appeared on stage (and in that order) to greet an ecstatic eager crowd. The show started within minutes of them taking their respective seats. Mandolin Shrinivas performed a fantastic solo, and the mood for the evening was set. We didn’t know that 2 hours had passed since the show started and it was time for them finish!

The show was initially dominated by Mandolin Shrinivas and John McLaughlin. It was divine music. As a non-musical person (i.e. a person who has no background in music or an education in music) I was transported into a different world, where the stars and the moon seemed to be dancing enchanted with the performance of the guitarist and the madolin player. Was it classical? Was it Jazz? It did not matter. The sounds produced, the rhythm and the energy was simply astounding.

Zakir Hussain and Selva Ganesh then took over. Selva Ganesh gave a solo performance on the Kanjira. To think that the tiny instrument, most basic in its structure can produce such magnificent music! The crowd went ballistic. He also supplemented it with the Gadham, playing both instruments simultaneously, which produced a unique melody. I was awestruck.

I had previously seen Selva Ganesh perform a 20 minute solo on the Gadham. But this was something else.

The finale was by Zakir Hussain on the tabla. He produced at least 6 different sounds during the course of his solo.

Tears in my eyes, love in my heart and one of the best experiences I could hope to provide for the child in me.

1 thought on “Remember Shakti – An unforgettable night!”

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