A Generation of Insensitivity

Wake up Sid! Well, he did wake, briefly and went back to sleep.

Wake up Sid, is seemingly a pleasant and likeable movie. However, it leaves much to be desired. If the plot were that Sid found his passion, and after tasting success there, he returns to his father’s world to help sustain or grow the establishment he built for his family. It would en have been a great story.

Anyway, the point is not about the movie having a good or bad story. But this movie inspires a thought process; a look into our young generation I.e. people in the age range of 15 to 25. This is a generation of insensitivity.

Is Sid’s struggle really a struggle and. If it is, is it worth documenting? What happens once he learns to make eggs and gets one paycheque? He re-enters his fathers domain,happy to accept the wealth and luxuries he rejected. I wonder if the movie maker is secretly laughing at the audience fir liking the movie and many who appear to relate to it and who cannot see the reality of Sid. But I doubt it. The movie maker seems to have a conviction about Sid. He probably belongs to the generation of insensitivity too.

Why did neither Sid, nor his similarly placed friend Tanya, value the establishment created by their parents? The movie seems to suggest its “cool”. Is there no value placed on creation? My story would have ended with Sid going back to lend a hand to his father, while pursuing his passion.

I wonder whether people could see how shallow Sid’s “struggle” is. Shallower still is his parents gratitude and pride in having their son back. Parents are reduced to hoping, “my son/daughter is not “wasted”. At least he isn’t drunk all the time. Look at so and so’s son/ daughter. Thank God!”

As parents, all they seem to expect of him is to rise to the level of mediocrity, which gives them immense joy. The point is not about one Sid, the point is about the insensitivity of Sid, which to my mind is the biggest factor contributing to make him a failure. He is insensitive of his mother’s yearning for him, his father’s disappointments, his friends’ life (love life and otherwise), his flatmate’s love for him. How can one expect such an individual to be sensitive to the world or what happens there.

Will such a person pause to check whether his actions are hurting the environment? Will such a person stop to think whether – more parking means less gardens for kids to play in? Will such a person think? Does such a person think?

Children of Men – visualised an end owing to apathy of the human race. Is the world set to end thanks to the insensitivity of this generation?

Is the previous generation to blame? All children have been exposed to is the struggle to acquire material means, which seems more or less under control, at least for the urban lot depicted in the movie. Being a new mother of a 2 month old, I cannot help but wonder what her generation would be like.

One can only hope that, Sid (every Sid) wakes up at this level and moves on to the next, where he is able to see how is action or inaction hurts the system and people in the world. Is this the first step? The title -Wake up Sid – hopefully is in the present continuous tense.

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