The tediousness that is housekeeping

I generally believe that writing should be positive. However, on this subject I do not have too many positive thoughts.

Being at home now, I have had the requirement to be involved in a) what to cook, b) when clothes need to be washed/dried etc. There are several questions to be answered like – what’s for breakfast and should we clear X first or Y first. What from the fridge needs to be given to the maid??! My answer to all of the above – who cares?

The truth is I never had to deal exclusively with these questions while I was working. Now I have to, because I have the time. The point is, all of these things happened as a matter of course in the last 3 years without me ever having to think about it.

But now, the tediousness of thinking and doing the same activity day in and day out is tiring, its exhausting. Fortunately, I live in a country where all of this can be delegated. I will find and train a maid who will do all this for me. I wonder if all women feel this way. Whether they would want to sell their house just so they don’t have to think about cleaning it.

All of this is just ranting and rumbling. I know, come morning, I will be back to handle the tediousness. What if any, is the way out? How does all this become less tedious?

3 thoughts on “The tediousness that is housekeeping”

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