Reversal of ratios

When I was growing up, I heard that our criminal justice system is based on the premise that the State may let 10 criminals go scott-free so long as even 1 innocent does not suffer. I believed in it, believed in our criminal defence system.

But now lets rethink what has been happening in the recent past. It is shocking how the Supreme Court has been repeatedly pushing the government to investigate (not even punish) Hassan Ali Khan and the Tapurias. It is not the job of the Supreme Court to do this. But in the system today, the Supreme Court needs to step in and direct the elected representatives to their job, for they are too busy making money – through prostitution of the polity.

In sharp contrast to how Hassan Ali is not yet been prosecuted (though the ED did seemingly arrest him in March this year), Binayak Sen goes to prison.

Wonder if any of this makes sense. Wonder why I am surprised, had I not seen it coming.

The real criminals are running the nation while the people who stand up against their persecution ar treated as criminals and gunned down. It won’t be soon till I am termed as a leftist – for that has what the left has become – the voice of dissent.

In the midst of all this, the Supreme Court judgement of July 4, 2011 comes as huge wave of relief and re-establishes a waning trust in the judiciary.

The media has not reported this judgment yet. Not surprising anymore.

1 thought on “Reversal of ratios”

  1. Oh, don’t worry. The media is now covering it quite widely in the opinion pages. Most of them are worried the SC is attacking ‘neo-liberalism’ and are questioning what the court’s role really should be. Don’t think they will let it pass. Manufacturing public opinion is too important in today’s times to let this go.

    By the way, SC also now has ruled to disarm Salwa Judum in Chattisgarh made to fight naxalites. Another feather in the cap.

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