Vanishing Beauty

She stood quiet and elegant,The day after Christmas;

It looked like the mighty wind would blow her away;

Carry her to an unknown land.


Her shy demure manner,

Enveloped in a halo of clouds,

Glistening in the sun rays touching her softly,

She was there for the world to watch and love,

A personification of beauty,

She enthralls.

In contrast to the furious lake, her quiet stands out.

The wind molesting the water

And the water screaming for help –

Lashing against the shores in a futile attempt to escape.

She watches from the skies above and smiles

At this game the water and the wind are playing.

But this beauty, this vision

Is meant to last only for moments,

For soon she will be covered by clouds and

The sun will turn its face.

The glimpse of beauty will vanish in moments, leaving you yearning for more.

– December 26, 2010


We were in Geneva, after I had witnessed my first snow. The sun was out for my sake it seemed – giving me a beautiful view of the Mont Blanc. We sat in a coffee shop ‘coz it was really windy to be out there. We just sat and watched. I stared at her for almost 45 minutes. It was one of the greatest spectacles of beauty I had ever seen. Unforgettable.

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