Few Books Read in 2010

I am back after a looong hiatus. This year has been a year dedicated to family and life altering decisions were made, family responsibilities and the like. Finished a book today. Corny as it is I maintain a log of books read since 2008. My list was so short I was almost ashamed of myself.

Here’s the list:

January A Reliable Wife Fiction Robert Goolrick
January Detective Story Fiction Imre Kertsez Must read
February The Fire Gospel Fiction – Myth Series Michael Faber
February Slow Man Fiction JM Coetzee Finished it. Please see my post on it.
February Pygmalion Play Bernard Shaw Different from the movie.
September Pyongyang Illustrated Novel Guy Delisle A peek into North Korea – Travel Read
September The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ Fiction – Myth Series Philip Pullman A breeze

Note: I also read Alexandria sometime in March. Somehow, I buried that book. I can’t believe, I didn’t remember because I really enjoyed reading it. Its a great book on the history of science, of man a city that continues to dazzle us. Richness. A great book.

The thing about this is my perception of reading has changed. I have begun to believe that a man’s character is a sum total of his experiences.  Reading is one such experience. But life has many more to offer.  Too much reading may cause an imbalance just like too much eating causes weight problems.

I have begun to believe in moderation in reading as well. I love my books. But its a time consuming habit and I want to maintain a balance.

Happy reading everyone. I am starting to catch up again (with 2 book in September).

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