Alice in Wonderland

For those who loved little Alice, the grown up Alice would seem like she lacks character, energy and like she is awfully pale.  The movie is of course very well made. Johnny Depp is brilliant as the Mad Hatter.  Anne Hathway is funny as the white queen, though personally I though the red queen was more fun.

It was refreshing to watch a movie with caterpillars and vanishing cats after a long day at work.  Definitely the plot is entertaining, though predictable.  The effects were also very good.  My personal favorite is the Cheshire Cat.

The movie was replete with symbolism.  I liked particularly the depiction of the red queen as the mindless bureaucracy of today.  Her policies were mind numbing and demanded the impossible. Also, the survivors today are those who metamorphose themselves to become unified with the government’s notion of “what is good”.

I particular liked the satire brought out through the red queen’s mannerisms.  How she uses the flamingo and the mole for her entertainment. The rest of the plot like I said was totally predictable.  But definitely a good sunday afternoon watch.

If you wish to take your kids, I think you should but only after first making them read the original Lewis Carrol version.

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