Unfinished Business

I have watched for the second time the final season of Boston Legal.  It is heart wrenching to see the last episode and know that a brilliant series has come to an end.

While I watched for the second time, I realised how David Kelley to make his point excluded all the youngsters in the series barring Katie.  The last season addressed all possible issues starting from female infanticide to wars to religion and of course same sex marriage.

It would not be unreasonable for people to believe that the most interesting television series was shut down on account of falling TRPs. Subtly, however, David has brought out how the networks were shutting him down irrationally.  I have been a big fan of David Kelley. I loved his series “The Practice”. Being a lawyer myself, his television series(s) really appealed to me. I loved Practice and was really sad when I saw that Alan’s (Alan Shore) role was to shut down the series.  It appears to me now that Boston Legal was the vengence saga at having to shut down Practice.

Its almost like he told the networks, you want fun? I will give you some fun but temper it with intelligence. Of course we all know David’s love for the bizzare.  What better example than Ally McBeal!

It is surprising that the networks will not let him run his shows as he seems to be most versatile in entertaining.  The last season only has old people, he sells nothing but his characters. This shows courage.

As for all the actors on the series, I must applaud them for their brilliant performances.  All in all I can’t wait for this father daughter series to release in India.

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