Paa… A Story

At an age when melodrama has replaced the drama in cinema, where cliches are the norm, R. Balki has made a movie that is truly unforgettable. Its not really a movie as it is a tale being told. A tale about a boy who through a genetic disorder which makes his body age a lot faster than his real age.  At 13 years, the boy had aged to 80 years and his organs were failing him one by one.

A story about a boy discovering his father. The boy – Auro – finding out that the Member of Parliament who he had become friendly with, was his father, while spending time with him, has the courage to not tell him the truth. A mother who fights all odds to raise her child outside of marriage. A grandmother, a pillar of strength who accepts her daughters pregnancy out of wedlock and makes it her life’s mission to make life easy for her daughter.

In all this, is the man who is a young politician, who immediately admits his mistakes and wants to make amends.

The tale is refreshingly told in that Auro’s classmates seem to accept him completely and love him for who he is. Their childishness has limitations but in their own way they make Auro their friend and make him feel as though he is one among them.

Balki has shown you that a perfect world is not only possible, it is also real. This world is beautiful and so are the people in this world.

Though the movie is tragic, we came back with smiles on our faces. The tragedy was inevitable, but Auro’s world – lovely.

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