LIVING is a full-time job.

I have recently, on account of my health and my husbands’ condition (he has auto-immuno disorder), been concentrating on trying to do the right thing. Live right, eat right and exercise. Its exhausting.

My husband is an exercise freak – in that he freaks out on hearing the name of exercise. I am trying to exercise, have joined the gym but of no use. I have not lost a single kilo in the last two months that I have been to the gym. I sometimes think, it would help both of us, if we exercise and go to the gym together. One motivates the other kind of thing.

Exercising is still manageable. What gets to me is dietary restrictions. Trying to turn vegetarian – avoiding meats. Great. The one thing that my husband loves is greens – different kinds of spinach. But some say can’t give him, as it will increase urea content. We eat okra three times a week at least. But just found out, okra may increase my allergic reactions. Phew!!

Can’t eat carbs. But can’t eat all types of protein together. I am not to mix pulses and curd. However, I shouldn’t eat just veggies and fruits, should eat optimal amount of carb.

I am really exhausted. I sometimes wonder if by the time I achieve the right balance, I will be too old to enjoy the benefits of this process. Having said which, my attitude of neglecting my health has lead me to this state of health in which I am.

The only thing that keeps me going is an optimistic thought that every step in the right direction brings me closer to the balance and before I know it, it will be achieved. After that I just have to watch for abberations and correct them as and when they arise.

As for my husband, I hope he gets going as well.

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