The Art of Relaxation

It is true that Experience is the greatest teacher of all. (Apologies for the cliche, but its true).  Having experienced the state of restlessness, frenzy and an unsettled mind, relaxation comes as a wave of relief. It is like walking through a fresh garden of lovely orchids in the morning dew and watching the sun rise.

However, in order to relax one needs to be in harmony with oneself.  Happiness, contentment and satisfaction are also essential elements.  When you hear all this talk about calming the mind, the Swamiji’s coming out to be help your mind relax, one wonders – Why does a human being need help to relax, to be at ease with himself?

It is only when one is at absolute ease, that the other frame of mind – the frenzied mind comes to light. One can only understand the difference in contrast.  We humans are like the ostriches. We like to believe nothing is wrong with us.  May be that is why, one never realizes that the mind is actually troubled. When one is relaxed and feels this rush of calm for the first time, it is not difficult to notice that the past was not even close.

Now, when I say – “Please relax!” to someone, I can truly understand what it means.

This is also linked in a way to loneliness.  When one us unable to be truly alone and feels lonely, a restlessness creeps in along with boredom. When one is truly relaxed, you will find that there is no trace of boredom, nor is there loneliness.

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