Beauty and Art

I have realised today that art is an expression in the pursuit of beauty.  What a common man can experience but cannot describe is expressed by the artist through his art form.

During my very recent trip to Rome, Florence and Venice, I for the first time time was engulfed by beauty and it had a physical force for me.  I was hijacked and enthralled.  You can say the beauty of the Sistine Chapel nearly encased me.  I was immobilised.

I realised also that beauty can be of varied forms.  I have experienced an unique feeling – the beauty of a child.  In Italy I experienced the beauty of art.  The expression itself being beautiful and when one dwells upon the content or context one can experience a different kind of beauty.

It was perfect timing that I watched a Bengali film called – AnourAnon (“harmony” – I was told).  The beauty of the relationship of the protagonist and his wife enthralls you as much as the beautiful weave of the storyline. I was choked in the end. The feeling is not of sadness or anguish but of understanding.  My trip to Italy has become a lovelier memory and life just seems perfect.

I guess there is a harmony now, in life with my partner and within me. The harmony is beautiful and I think this is the true pursuit of the artist.  I am on the other side of the fence. Not an artist but a lover of beauty. It is as satisfying.

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