Death tells you a story. From among the million souls he has carried away, he remembers a girl he has not. He marks details of her life, makes a heroine of her and tells her story! Despite the fact that he is so busy, you can imagine Nazi Germany a time death would have needed several if not thousands helpers. Yet he stopped to observe this girl. Why was she so special? Why did he chat with her soul and show her the book after snatching her soul? Why not carry her beyond the skies like he did with the others?

A girl who made life look easy in Nazi Germany. The girl who loved her foster parents and had a best friend whom she later fell in love with. A girl who extended her life in friendship to a Jew when the Nazis were killing them, not out of sympathy but because he was a human being. The girl who read while and to the people huddled in a basement afraid they may be bombed. The girl who stole books. The girl who rolled cigarettes with her father and enjoyed it. A simple 14 year old girl who survived the second world war. The girl who was hidden away from death because she wanted to write the story of her life. Death seems small in comparison to this girl. May be that is why we have the expression larger than life. The expression should really be larger than death.

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