All Men Are Liars – Ouspensky

“To comment on the last paragraph: If you are writing and FULLY conscious of the fact that you are writing, can you still be writing? The same goes for reading. Once you become conscious of doing the activity, you are no longer “doing” it. I believe Sartre wrote on that, but I may be mistaken.” This was a comment to a previous post.
I was reading Ouspensky and he talks about a similar phenomenon – consciousness. What he says is that it is quite possible that a person is conscious for about two minutes or so while he/she is writing or reading, but what remains is the memory of the consciousness. However, the person thinks that he was conscious the whole time. Ouspensky has declared the whole of mankind to be liars. Not because they don’t speak the truth but because they don’t know that they are not speaking the truth, for they are unaware of the truth.
This is food for thought and I must thank my friend J. Bo for propelling me in that direction.

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