NEWTON… A force to reckon with

I was reading about Newton and his contributions through The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy aka Principia Mathematica. I was amazed to learn that who are today referred to as Physicists or Biologists were known as natural philosophers and Newton belonged to that category.

Newton’s only answer to all the questions he was asked, about the method of his discovery was always that he arrived at all his answers through continuous thinking. Wow! Is it as simple as that? Apparently Kant was of the notion that Newton could not be termed a “genius” for a genius is someone who comes up with the truth out of nothingness and Newton could provide explanations for his truths. Therefore, he was not a genius!

Newton did not explain his findings. What he did was to think about the apple that fell, not sideways, nor went up but the fact that it came down straight. It was twenty years before Newton could actually prove his idea of gravity. The concept existed in him but not the term. He arrived at that much later. The point here is that like Newton, we all have a propensity for thought. Some of us culture it and some of us don’t. The people who culture their thoughts are often the ones with most conviction in their thoughts vis-à-vis the traditional knowledge that we are so accustomed to and in which we find comfort.

Many would not give Newton his due for not being able to see what Einstein did. But what Newton discovered was a body of science as a mathematical explanation of his philosophy. He beautifully fused into one body, the philosophy and the science; he has shown that the two go together.

Today, science (body) is dissected from philosophy (mind). People who read philosophy dissect it from spirituality (spirit) and religion dissects us from reality. The only truth is in a combination of the three elements and the elimination of religion. The complete and singular whole is a compound of the three – mind, body and spirit. Newton believed in a fusion of the two elements mind/spirit and body, I have dissected it into three.

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