What is this incessant need to analyse and class people into several kinds of classifications.  We apparently have some 3900 odd OBC in India. 3900! Why cant you solve problems unit wise? Why not make the classification purely geographical and eradicate poverty in every village by addressing issues relevant to those areas alone.  What is this excessive obsessive need to classify people and put them in psuedo boundaries which have no relevance in real life.  Is it not odd? Where did this start? More importantly, where will all this end.  I think its time to close one’s eyes to facts that are on the face of it – baseless and immaterial.

The solution is simple – to take each issue and try to reach a logical conclusion. But are we today that simplistic. Lets take a complexity check in future. Let’s tell ourselves that we will only adopt those solutions and take those steps that are logical and simple. Can we rationalise simply.

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