Elif Shafaq – 40 Rules of Love

A book about love and life. An interesting weave of The past and the present. No individual or situation is portrayed negatively. It is amazing how the author has managed to weave the Sufi way of life into a modern City consumeristic life. The Sufi faith and songs are quite popular in India too and… Continue reading Elif Shafaq – 40 Rules of Love

The New Normal – Our remodelled home

For years now, 5 to be precise, my over 1000 books have screamed to me to be released. I was helpless had no home for them. I chose to ignore. But time came and I couldn't bear the separation. Luckily for me my husband shares this craze and drove with a great force the reorganising… Continue reading The New Normal – Our remodelled home

Tolerance intolerance – potato potato

I have visited my blog after so long that I had forgotten the look and feel of it. (I was pleasantly surprised to see such a lovely green - it was refreshing.) Being a mom and having your own law firm leaves you very little time to do much else. I have always always written… Continue reading Tolerance intolerance – potato potato

Principles and Habits

This blog post is unlike any other I have written. I humbly take the risk of sounding like a self help book while I pour out my thoughts on living, daily chores and routines all inextricably connected to parenting. I think about the habits, that I (and that includes my husband) don't want our daughter… Continue reading Principles and Habits

Eat, Pray, Love – Not necessarily in that order!

I just don’t know what it is about good food – it makes me extremely happy. I am sure there is a perfectly neurobiological explanation for it. I was watching (no prizes for guessing) Eat Pray Love and I had this urge to order spaghetti in carbonara! But I settled for Spaghetti in Pomodoro (mostly… Continue reading Eat, Pray, Love – Not necessarily in that order!

Remember Shakti – An unforgettable night!

It was a long drive to the Amphitheatre at Kharghar (Mumbai) for the Remember Shakti concert. We also had to wait in a long queue to get into the Amphitheatre and be seated for the concert. John McLaughlin, Mandolin Shrinivas, Selva Ganesh and Zakir Hussain appeared on stage (and in that order) to greet an… Continue reading Remember Shakti – An unforgettable night!

Yellow Chilli – An indicator of the state of your liver after dining there

The title of this blog clearly describes the experience of dining at Yellow Chilli, Hirandanani, Powai. I would however like to expand on the title and write an essay on why one should never eat there - ever. Food - The presentation and quality of food were both abysmal. It was a buffet with no… Continue reading Yellow Chilli – An indicator of the state of your liver after dining there

A Generation of Insensitivity

Wake up Sid! Well, he did wake, briefly and went back to sleep. Wake up Sid, is seemingly a pleasant and likeable movie. However, it leaves much to be desired. If the plot were that Sid found his passion, and after tasting success there, he returns to his father's world to help sustain or grow… Continue reading A Generation of Insensitivity

Movie Marathon

After a very long time in my life, I saw 3 movies in the same week and on three consecutive days! Paan Singh Tomar Its not an animated film with a "toon-hero". It is based on a real life person, but I am not sure if it can be termed a biographical picture. Paan Singh… Continue reading Movie Marathon